TOPIC: graphic design

To celebrate the 2022 World Cup, Costa Rican creative powerhouse Pupila set up The Bola Project which challenged designers, artists and illustrators from all over the world to reimagine the humble football.

32 designers from the 32 countries that qualified for the World Cup each designed a ball, with freedom to represent their country and love for football.

It’s about the joy it brings to millions and the diversity in visual culture that brings the planet a little closer.

– The Bola Project

The balls are handmade in Kenya by Alive and Kicking, a charity that has created 1,000 jobs, contributing over 5 million pounds to the local economies of Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. The charity also donates balls to young people and clubs, giving access to sports to over 8.5 million young people in Africa.

All profits from the project go back into the charity, and help make a big difference to many peoples lives in Africa.