Citroen Ami, a micro electric smart car for the city

The Ami, Citroen’s new electric micro smart car, is targeted towards city dwellers and designed to replace a subway or bus ride for simple journeys around town.

The first thing to note about this vehicle is that it is an ‘urban mobility object’ and not technically a car. The Ami will only go 30mph and a full battery should take you around 45 miles. It seats two in relative comfort and costs around $10,000.

Top Gear calls it “the world’s most complicated umbrella”, as it’s main purpose is to keep you warm and dry.. unlike your bike or electric scooter. You can also avoid the crowded subway or bus in your own personal enclosure.

An interesting feature is that the car is almost entirely symmetrical. The back is the same as the front and both sides are exactly the same. This contributes to the vehicle’s low price and makes it easier to repair.


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