Canoo Pickup Truck

Another new Electric Vehicle company, another modular multipurpose truck.

Canoo has created the Swiss army knife of electric utility vehicles.

From the average contractor to the avid camper and outdoors enthusiasts, the Canoo Pickup allows you to build a custom vehicle for your needs, and can be easily be adapted for any environment or task.

The truck has a standard 4ft x 6ft bed, and is extendable to give you and extra 2ft of space. The bed is also made to take a camper shell with full access to the cab from the bed.

The beauty of having a giant battery on wheels is that you can power anything, anywhere.. in the front of the truck there is a storage area that folds down into a usable workbench with power outlets for charging and the use of tools.

“you could use this (power outlet) all day and not touch 10% of the battery.”

“our pickup truck is as strong as the toughest trucks out there and includes features for people who use trucks – on the job, weekend and adventure.”

– Canoo CEO


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