To celebrate the 2022 World Cup, Costa Rican creative powerhouse Pupila set up The Bola Project which challenged designers, artists and illustrators from all over the world to reimagine the humble football.

32 designers from the 32 countries that qualified for the World Cup each designed a ball, with freedom to represent their country and love for football.

It’s about the joy it brings to millions and the diversity in visual culture that brings the planet a little closer.

– The Bola Project

The balls are handmade in Kenya by Alive and Kicking, a charity that has created 1,000 jobs, contributing over 5 million pounds to the local economies of Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. The charity also donates balls to young people and clubs, giving access to sports to over 8.5 million young people in Africa.

All profits from the project go back into the charity, and help make a big difference to many peoples lives in Africa.

Herman Miller knocks it out of the park with another ergonomic masterpiece.

This is not the most exciting purchase you will ever make, but it is incredibly satisfying to unlock extra desk space and tidy up those unruly cables, especially if you’re working from home.

The patented geometric spring technology in the Flo monitor arm gives you effortless control and full flexibility when adjusting your screen.

Flo works with pretty much any flat-panel monitor currently on the market and offers an array of support equipment, meaning you can attach anything from laptops to multiple single monitors. 

Flo has won numerous design awards including the international Red Dot Award for product design. This is unsurprising to anyone who has every used a Herman Miller product, the quality and craftsmanship is exceptional, they make objects that feel like they could last forever.

Go with the Flo »

Snow Peak

December 14th 2022

Snow Peak recognises the value of time spent outdoors.

The Japanese manufacturer produces high quality equipment and apparel designed for all conditions.

Whether it is cooking equipment, bedding, furniture, tents or apparel, the Snow Peak promise is “heirloom quality.”

Snow Peak was founded in 1958 by Yukio Yamai, a mountaineer from Tanigawa, Japan. The current CEO, the son of the founder, believes in the mission to bring people closer to nature. The legacy of the family run company continues with the granddaughter of the founder launching the apparel arm of Snow Peak, finding renown in both the fashion and outdoor industries.

“Today, with the rapid evolution of technology accelerating the convenience of our daily lives, it has also led us to sacrifice precious human to human interaction. By simply experiencing the lifestyle of Snow Peak through our products and services, it’s our intention that you can reconnect with the natural world, and the rest of mankind.”

– Tohru Yamai, Chairman of Snow Peak

An amazing cocktail recipe book that is (literally) hand-written by Michelin three-star mixologist Brian Van Flandern.

The book compiles a collection of unique inventions and perfected versions of the classics we know and love.

The Ami, Citroen’s new electric micro smart car, is targeted towards city dwellers and designed to replace a subway or bus ride for simple journeys around town.

The first thing to note about this vehicle is that it is an ‘urban mobility object’ and not technically a car. The Ami will only go 30mph and a full battery should take you around 45 miles. It seats two in relative comfort and costs around $10,000.

Top Gear calls it “the world’s most complicated umbrella”, as it’s main purpose is to keep you warm and dry.. unlike your bike or electric scooter. You can also avoid the crowded subway or bus in your own personal enclosure.

An interesting feature is that the car is almost entirely symmetrical. The back is the same as the front and both sides are exactly the same. This contributes to the vehicle’s low price and makes it easier to repair.

Apple Watch Ultra

December 14th 2022

The Apple Watch ultra takes the Apple Watch very seriously into the outdoors. With a feature for almost every kind of extreme sport or outdoor activity

The Apple Watch Ultra offers an entirely new case designed for use in rugged conditions. The most prominent of these changes is raising the dial and main button to make their operation while wearing gloves significantly easier. The display size is also increased to make it easier to read and to account for faces that provide a larger volume of information.

The watch now includes another button on the opposite side of the dial that is programable to do a multitude of things like: start a dive, mark a compass waypoint and more.

There is a new dual-frequency GPS for more accurate location readings and route maps.

The Ultra includes an 86-decibel siren (heard for 180m) that can be omitted from the watch itself, should you get stuck and need to call for help.

The watch also has larger and louder speakers to be able to hear over the wind; along with this, the watch includes 3 separate microphones that automatically determine which is best to use in windy conditions.

The Apple Watch Ultra is packed with as many features as possible to make the outdoors easier to access for beginners, easier to endure for the expert, and as safe as possible for everyone.

Opal Camera

December 14th 2022

Although many are gradually making the move back to the office, Zoom calls are here to stay. It’s time to upgrade your webcam to something a bit more impressive than the pinhole on your laptop.

The compact Opal C1 boasts a powerful 4k Sony sensor, yielding 5x better resolution than that of a typical webcam. The camera also has a special six-element lens that is designed specifically to work better in low-light.

Look, and sound like a professional YouTuber on your next zoom call.

As far as audio goes the Opal C1 is certainly not lacking. The camera comes with MicMesh, a software that enhances the sound of your voice and uses noise cancellation to ensure an uninterrupted meeting.

If you look (and sound) professional, people treat you like a professional. A simple camera upgrade can make a big difference.

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty

Canoo Pickup Truck

April 22nd 2021

Another new Electric Vehicle company, another modular multipurpose truck.

Canoo has created the Swiss army knife of electric utility vehicles.

From the average contractor to the avid camper and outdoors enthusiasts, the Canoo Pickup allows you to build a custom vehicle for your needs, and can be easily be adapted for any environment or task.

The truck has a standard 4ft x 6ft bed, and is extendable to give you and extra 2ft of space. The bed is also made to take a camper shell with full access to the cab from the bed.

The beauty of having a giant battery on wheels is that you can power anything, anywhere.. in the front of the truck there is a storage area that folds down into a usable workbench with power outlets for charging and the use of tools.

“you could use this (power outlet) all day and not touch 10% of the battery.”

“our pickup truck is as strong as the toughest trucks out there and includes features for people who use trucks – on the job, weekend and adventure.”

– Canoo CEO

Sometimes a design is so ingenious and perfectly made that it becomes a work of art. That’s why the Lanier Graham chess set is featured in the MoMA permanent collection.

The interlocking pieces are precisely shaped and measured to store perfectly in a rectangular box. At the same time each piece has just enough character to define its role on the board.

It doesn’t appear that these are available to buy from MoMA anymore, but if you’re feeling handy you can make your own »

Originally designed in 1983 to be the worlds most durable watch, G-SHOCK has renewed it’s chunky classic with an updated design, its thinnest watch yet at just 11.8mm.

The carbon-reinforced resin casing is packed with functionality. Five daily alarms, dual time zone displays, stopwatch, countdown timer, double LED super illuminator, 200 meters water resistance and three year battery life.

For an iconic design that will last a lifetime the G-SHOCK GA-2100 Octagon Series is a bargain at $99. Available in 16+ colorways, our favourite is of course the all black stealth version.

Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum

The Magic Radio from Teenage Engineering (OB-4) is designed to push the boundaries of the industry. This is a radio that comes with two separate 4-inch bass drivers, a portable high-fidelity loudspeaker, and even a pair of neodymium tweeters. Featuring 38 watts per channel and up to 100 decibels of sound, The Magic Radio can be played outside. It is light enough to be carried on the shoulder or can be deployed on a handle stand. Users can listen to FM radio, Bluetooth, or even an audio line input. The speaker continuously memorizes everything that plays on it. There is a digital, motion-controlled volume knob with tape reel that allows users to control the listening experience. The battery gets an average of 40 hours on a single charge but can play for more than 70 hours depending on the power draw. The Magic Radio from Teenage Engineering is also available in two colors.

There was only one contender for our first ever Electric Vehicle post. The car that launched a million memes… the quite unbelievable, Tesla Cybertruck.

The world has rarely seen a vehicle as instantly iconic as this. The sharp angles slice through the modern car design rulebook and brings us a huge step closer to a future envisioned by science fiction film directors.

In this truck you’ll be extremely ready for whatever that future holds. As a utility vehicle it does everything and can be anything, including 0-60mph in 2.3 seconds.

‘better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car’ –

For now this is very much a concept car, we’re hoping the production model stays close to this form, but who knows what it’ll look like after its been through strict rules and safety regulations (For example US cars require mirrors, windshield wipers and round steering wheels).

You can pre-order today (in cash, or bitcoin) and expect your Cybertruck to be delivered in 2023.