Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch ultra takes the Apple Watch very seriously into the outdoors. With a feature for almost every kind of extreme sport or outdoor activity

The Apple Watch Ultra offers an entirely new case designed for use in rugged conditions. The most prominent of these changes is raising the dial and main button to make their operation while wearing gloves significantly easier. The display size is also increased to make it easier to read and to account for faces that provide a larger volume of information.

The watch now includes another button on the opposite side of the dial that is programable to do a multitude of things like: start a dive, mark a compass waypoint and more.

There is a new dual-frequency GPS for more accurate location readings and route maps.

The Ultra includes an 86-decibel siren (heard for 180m) that can be omitted from the watch itself, should you get stuck and need to call for help.

The watch also has larger and louder speakers to be able to hear over the wind; along with this, the watch includes 3 separate microphones that automatically determine which is best to use in windy conditions.

The Apple Watch Ultra is packed with as many features as possible to make the outdoors easier to access for beginners, easier to endure for the expert, and as safe as possible for everyone.


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